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womenDark Fat Versus White Fat

Everyone probably thinks all body fat is bad fat, especially that stubborn fat that just does not seem to budge from tummies, arms and the thighs no matter how much exercise or dieting is involved.

Pound Melter is a revolutionary, not just evolutionary, diet system that will blast fat fast. It is based on Harvard research which has determined that yes, there is bad fat, called white fat. However, the good news is that there is actually a good fat that we humans store in our bodies called, ironically, dark fat. This dark fat can rescue us all from the white fat, leaving us leaner and thinner 🙂

Why You Need Pound Melter

This program solves the problem of getting rid of stubborn fat fast. It is based on actual research regarding dark, or brown, fat and white fat. The program teaches you to eat so you activate your dark fat cells which then go after, and destroy, the white fat cells.

There are no pills to take, no dietary restrictions to adhere to and best of all, you do not even need to ramp up your exercise routine. The dark fat is activated simply by eating specific foods to lower the internal temperature of the body. When you eat “cold”, your body works to kill of the bad fat cells, which are the white cells.

What Pound Melter Can Do

As long as you are in relatively good health, the Pound Melter program teaches you which foods to choose to lower your internal body temperature. This process is based on research conducted at Harvard which discovered the two separate kinds of fat in our bodies.

White cells are the ones that stick to our bellies and other problem areas and just do not seem to budge no matter how much exercise and dieting are done. It turns out the dark or the brown fat cells have to be activated to kill them off and when they are activated, they do kill of the white cells resulting in true fat loss. We are talking no more love handles.

The Bottom Linecelebrating scale woman

Paul Sanders, who developed the Pound Melter program, did so after learning from his doctor that he was pre-diabetic. He had high cholesterol, was in line for heart disease and basically, if he did not do something about this overweight situation, he was going to die. So, he dieted and went to the gym.
He lost some weight, but not enough. Then, he came upon the dark fat versus light fat theory. He applied it, lost the weight and had to share it with everyone. You can get his Pound Melter program for $39 right now.  The training is all done online, so it is quick and convenient, and for a life-changing and even life-saving dieting method, it is truly affordable.

Get the Pound Melter program and start burning bad fat for your health, not just your weight. It looks like a real dieting revolution, all without the diet.

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