Dukan Diet – the French Secret to Staying Slim!

You may already be familiar with the Dukan Diet, which came out in the form of a book by Dr Pierre Dukan a few years ago. It is a diet program that originated in France – land of cheese, bread and svelte elegant women ­čÖé ┬áThe Dukan Diet promises that you can shed 10 pounds in the first week and keep it off by following the program.┬áThe book has sold over 7 million copies worldwide, so its clear that Dr Dukan’s method does work. ┬áThe problem with diet books though, is that of course one diet plan cannot work for everybody in the same way. Because of this, Dr Dukan now offers online, personalised coaching.

But What is the Dukan Diet?

The Dukan Diet is basically a variation of a low carb diet. It has a list of 100 allowed foods, and there are four phases to follow as you progress through the program. The first is an attack phase, where you will kick start your metabolism to give you a rapid weight loss result in the first week. It is mostly about lots of lean protein, plus oat bran and loads of water. This will rev up your fat burning ability while also giving you the motivation to continue. Nothing like seeing results,  fast, to keep you on  track!

Next is the cruise phase, which allows the addition of 28 specific vegetables along with the lean proteins and oat bran. This phase can last for several weeks to several months, basically until you have reached a weight that you are happy with.

The consolidation phase follows,┬ádesigned to prevent future weight gain. Here you can gradually bring back in starchy foods, fruit, bread and cheese, as well as include two cheat meals per week. Now you’re talking!

The last phase is called the stabilisation phase. During this last phase, dieters can eat almost anything they want without weight gain if they stick to a few specific rules, such as eating only protein one day a week and continuing to have oat bran every day. Generally speaking, this phase should be followed indefinitely, as a lifestyle.

Tell Me More About the Coaching

The Dukan Diet itself is a solid weight loss program, having already helped countless individuals to lose weight and keep it off. In order to help even more people, and make his diet as effective as possible, Dr Dukan has introduced a personalised online coaching program.

The online coaching program will support you every step of the way along your weight loss journey. First of all, you will discover, together, your true and healthy ideal weight. Next a program will be customised for you within the general Dukan Diet guidelines. Where this coaching really comes into its own though is that everyday you will have an interactive exchange with Dr Dukan, once in the morning and once in the evening. You will also have access to live chats and full one on one support throughout.

This kind of ongoing support is really important as up to 80% of people who start a diet alone regain all the weight they lost within a year. ┬áThe coaching is priced at $29.95 per month, which is pretty ┬áfair when you consider the cost of say, a nutritionist visit. This is daily advice, daily support and daily encouragement. If you have struggled in the past when you decided to go it alone, I urge you to give the Dukan Diet Coaching a try. I’d love to ┬áhear about your weight loss success if you do!

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