6 Minutes to Skinny Review 2015 – It Doesn’t Get Faster Than This!

Fitness Woman Portrait Isolated on White Background. Happy femalIf one of your best excuses and biggest obstacles to reaching your health and fitness goals is that you don’t have enough time, then you’re going to love this. Craig Ballantyne, the creator of one of my fave fitness programs, Turbulence Training, has created a new product. Its called 6 Minutes To Skinny – yep, that’s right – 6 minutes (!) and it’s aimed specifically at men and women 30 and over who have at least 10 pounds to lose.

What Is It?

6 Minutes To Skinny is a system that will switch on your fat burning hormones and increase your metabolism  – so much so that you can burn 450% more fat during the day. How? Well this program, which is heavily backed by scientific research, takes into account your body’s natural cycles. You r body has various cycles that it goes through every day  – you can see this for yourself. When you wake up in the morning you are energised, this gets you through to the afternoon when you become less energetic and maybe experience a slight slump. Usually this is followed by a surge of energy in the early evening, and then of course you get sleepy late at night when its time to go to bed.  Your body is undergoing different processes during each of these phases. The morning cycle is the one most important for burning fat, and the 6 Minutes To Skinny program makes full use of this knowledge to maximise weight loss – easily and quickly.

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How Does It Work?

The 6 Minutes To Skinny program introduces us to the idea of ‘metabolic cycling’ and lays out specific strategies to take full advantage of this. For example, here are four of the strategies you will learn:

1) Don’t workout too much – running or jogging for more than 15 minutes at the same speed is unnatural – its over-training and counterproductive.

2) Watch out for sugar! Not the type we know of, but those sneaky hidden ones in processed and diet food, masquerading under a host of different scienc-y sounding names.

3) Some snacks will increase fat burning instead of harm it! For example, dark chocolate covered almonds, gourmet cheese with olives and sprouted grain bread with peanut butter & natural jelly are all allowed and encouraged!

4) You must eat and move according to your body’s natural cycles if you want to see better results than you have previously seen.

This last strategy is really the cornerstone of the system, you will discover a 6 minute morning routine that sets your body up for fat burning all day long. Its a two step approach – first the program will show you exactly how to prepare a simple metabolic cycle meal and then how to  follow this up with a series of quick movements that will only take 6 minutes from start to finish. Anyone can do this, and with it only taking 6 minutes, it will eliminate what is a huge excuse for most people – that they lack time.

bowl of muesliThe Bottom Line

This fantastic program works for everyone, even if you have a slow metabolism, bad genes, a thyroid condition, it doesn’t matter. Following the 6 Minutes To Skinny program will yield results and have you losing weight effectively. It really is just a set of simple instructions for food and movement – in my opinion simple is best! One of the great things about this program is that it has been designed in  such a way in which everyone can apply this program in his/her life. Its ‘social life friendly’. Also, of course Craig offers a 60 day money back guarantee. That is plenty of time to start using the program and see results! the program is currently selling for $27. So what are you waiting for? You could be closer  to your goals in the next 6 minutes 🙂

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