The Real Turbulence Training Review – Could This be The Answer?

How Important is Weight-Loss in Living Well and Feeling Healthy?

turbulence training reviewWeight-loss is more than just skin deep. While many of us chase the aesthetic benefits of exercise, the truth is that losing weight offers a whole range of  health benefits.  Improved energy and vitality, improved sleep, better heart health, greater mobility, and improved blood glucose are just a few of the many things that can come with weight loss.

Generally, the best approach to weight-loss is a two pronged approach, consisting of a healthy diet and an effective exercise program. An effective exercise program is one that is easy to follow, quick to perform and gets results, fast. Long, boring exercise sessions are not only hard to stick to, but can also be counter productive, as they can actually cause you to overeat; they can compromise your immune system, lead to insomnia, increased risk of injuries, and also cause excess release of cortisone, otherwise known as the stress hormone.

The  truth is that, when it comes to exercise, less is more; as long as you are exercising correctly and efficiently. Yep, that’s right: The short and sweet workout can actually be more effective than a longer session.

Turbulence Training Can Be The Answer

This is the principle that  Turbulence Training was developed on. Turbulence training is an all over exercise program that will allow you to enjoy the biggest results in the shortest period of time. Something we are all interested in 🙂 By the shortest period of time, I mean that you can see amazing results from working out as little as 90 minutes per week. Each workout is over in 30 minutes or less. Not bad for serious results, eh?

What I particularly like about this program, is that all of the workouts come as follow-along videos that you can stream or download. This is a great approach for two reasons – 1) You can easily see how an exercise is performed, no need to wonder if you are doing it correctly or not, and; 2) Working out with someone (even someone on a video) is motivating and helps you get through the workout. It’s like you have a  trainer there with you, spurring you on! You also get a pdf program guide, which lays everything out for you – which workouts to do, when to do them, and how often; an exercise guide; as well as a nutrition guide.  The nutrition guide itself is great as it is super simple, and doesn’t bog you down with too many rules and small unnecessary details.

All of these tools mean that the Turbulence Training program has you covered for both exercise and diet. The cost of the program is waaaay less than a trainer plus nutritionist would cost you. In fact, it is probably less that one visit each to a trainer and a nutritionist. In my opinion it’s a bargain, and especially now where instead of the usual $99 access fee, you just pay a discounted $27 fee for access!

Who is Turbulence Training For?

Turbulence Training can really be for anyone who has the motivation and the desire to change their body and improve their health. A really great thing about this program is that it can suit anyone. There are several beginner videos if you are just starting out, or if you are more experienced you can go straight for the harder ones. As well as this, the trainers show you in the videos how you can modify moves to suit your own fitness level. This makes it really easy to get started straight away, no matter where you are at to begin with. However, as with any exercise program, if you are brand new to fitness, its probably a good idea to consult your doctor before starting.

Are the Results Worth the Time & Money?

This is a program where; if you stick to it at least most of the time, you are gonna see some great results. Your body will change, you will become stronger, lose weight, gain muscle and improve your overall health and feel wonderful. The time investment isn’t actually that intrusive to your normal lifestyle, either.  90 minutes per week really is minimal, considering that we each get over 10,000 minutes every week to play with!

Also the cost – $27. This is a-mazing. Really. One session with a trainer at my old gym, where I got a discount for being a member, was around $60. Here you are getting 24 follow-along home workouts. 24!! Not to mention the training guide, exercise guide and nutrition plan.  I really believe that if $27 seems like too much of an investment for you, then just forget about improving your health right now. Because really, it is such a small investment in your wellbeing, that is going to have such tremendous results, that if you aren’t willing to part with that small amount of money you probably aren’t really serious about changing anything. Nothing comes for free, but this is about as close to it as you’re going to get 🙂

a review of turbulence training

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