How Different Mattress Brands Get You the Best Sleep

Over your life you are going to spend over 9,000 days sleeping, and if you add in breakfast in bed, reading in bed, or anything else you might do in bed other than sleeping, that is a lot of time in your bed. However, whether you sleep 3 hours or 13 hours, if your sleep consists of a restless night of tossing and turning then you need to look at your sleeping environment. In fact, a good mattress and pillow combination can even reduce snoring from people who tend to snore when they are over tired.

Sleep is really important, you need a good quality sleep to improve your energy levels, consolidate memories, restore and rejuvenate your body, and synthesize hormones. You may think you’re not doing anything while you sleep, but your entire body is using this ‘down time’ to get important work done while no one’s around getting in the way.

While everyone does have different needs to ensure quality rest, one of the basic requirements is a superior mattress, so your first point of call to research what you need should be to read through Remembering that you don’t need to get the most expensive brand on the market, but you will need to think about how you sleep (and how your partner sleeps) and what makes you comfortable.

Different Mattress Types

Your most affordable option is generally going to be an innerspring mattress. These are available in a range of comfort levels and firmness; you can also find them with a range of coverings and various different styles of support systems.

Mattresses with an innerspring system are bouncy, which is great for kids, but less enjoyable if you are sleeping next to someone who moves around in their sleep. To counter this effect some brands have created “pocketed coil” products, which help to prevent this transfer of movement.

A mattress based on steel springs is going to provide a firm sleep surface, and while different outer layers may give some degree of ‘sinking’ for the most part these are a great option if you don’t like the feeling of being hugged by your mattress.

Some of the innerspring mattress brands you should check out include:

  • Saatva
  • The WinkBed
  • DreamCloud
  • Alexander Signature Hybrid
  • Sealy
  • The Aviya
  • Avocado

Another option is going to be some variation of foam, and there are a lot of variations. You can look at something that has different types of foam which include layers of latex and memory to create a customised sleep system. Some also combine different types of foam with different styles of coil into a hybrid mattress type.

There is are incredible variations available in foam, not just in the type of materials used to create the layer, but in the thickness of each layer and whether it is a solid style or uses a mix of different variations, some look rather like a 8 layer gateaux with differing layers of latex, memory and natural to create just the right level of comfort (you can see here).

How Often Do You Need To Replace Your Mattress?

Although you will often hear the recommendation that you should replace your mattress every 10 years, this will generally depend on a lot of different factors. Think about the material yours is made of, how often you actually spend in bed, how heavy you are, and factors like sweating, coffee spills or leaking children and pets should all be considered.

If you have a coil-based mattress you will find that the coils start to compress and change shape, working through the covering layer to poke into your sleeping body. They may even start to squeak. If your bed is at this stage already you probably should have replaced it about 5 years earlier. A bed with a firm spring will often last longer that a softer setting, but whether you find this comfortable will also depend on the type of fabric and layer that is providing the top comfort padding.

There are steps you can take to help make your mattress last longer, including turning it over each month (if you have an innerspring that isn’t reversable just rotating it so that the head and feet positions are swapped may help prevent coil compression a little). You can also clean it each month, this doesn’t need you to purchase special products, just strip the bed of all linen, vacuum clean it, sprinkle with baking soda and leave it for a few hours, then vacuum it up, along with any smells.

If you have stains from sweat or other fluids then you can carefully use a sponge with a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda to dampen the stain, again leave this to set for a few hours, then you can vacuum up the residue. If you are in a position to put your mattress out in the sun for an hour or two this will also help to kill any bacteria and give is a fresh clean scent.

Getting the Softness Right

While some people like to sleep on a bed of nails, for most of us a good night’s sleep requires a degree of comfortable softness. Unfortunately, if you’re in a bedsharing couple, often there is the situation where you don’t agree on what constitutes an appropriate level of softness. You can either find a compromise where you both get a mediocre sleep, or you can look at one of the manufacturers that actually allow for different customization for each side of the bed.

There is also the option of a twin bed style that has completely different mattresses joined together with a simple topper. This is a particularly good option if you have one person who is a back or front sleeper and another person who is a side sleeper.

If you are hot, then a mattress that you sink into and it hugs you all night is probably going to be very uncomfortable and should consider staying away from pillow soft padded tops or memory foam.

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