Guilt Free Desserts?! Yes, Please

I have a secret. I love cake. I dream of cake. And not just cake, but cookies, brownies and all manner of desserts.

But I don’t eat cake. Why?

Because like many other people trying to lose weight and put their health first I just can’t justify it.

Beautiful pretty girl enjoys eating cakeI’m not saying the cake is evil, but I know, for myself, if I cut out dessert it makes a difference. But what if you could have your cake, and eat it too? Well, guess what? You CAN! Allow me to introduce you to Guilt Free Desserts by Kelley Herring of Healing Gourmet.

Guilt Free Desserts? Really?

I know what you might be thinking – that guilt free desserts couldn’t possibly taste like real dessert. I too was skeptical, but believe me, they are onto something here! The team at Healing Gourmet have devised a healthy version of all the desserts that we love to eat – cupcakes with frosting, brownies, cheesecake, cookies, even ice cream. The recipes have all had makeovers, to remove all unnatural and refined ingredients, but keep the characteristics that you love – like a moist texture or a creamy frosting.

Why mess with something that’s already good?

The problem with eating traditional desserts is that they are full of white refined flours and sugars that when eaten, spike our blood sugar which triggers a release of insulin so that a short time after eating, we are hungry again! Foods containing white flour and sugar are also super easy to overeat. Couple this with the high-calorie content and you’ve got a diet nightmare. It’s not surprising that many people continue to eat these ‘bad’ foods. I mean, they’re delicious, right? But considering that over 65% of Americans are overweight, it’s obvious that we need to find better ways of getting our sweet fix! If you, like me, love to make dessert for friends and family, and love to indulge in something sweet at nighttime after a good (healthy) meal, then I reckon you need this book!

What sort of recipes are there?

Guilt Free Desserts is a collection of over 50 recipes that are all natural, low GI and gluten free and delicious! Some of the gems you will find in there are things like carrot cake cupcakes, cheesecake with berries, chocolate coconut truffles, cranberry pecan muffins, creme brulee, gingerbread, pavlova, pound cake… is anyone else getting hungry? These are just a few of the desserts that you can whip up quickly in no time with this book. As well as recipes, there are hints, tips and tricks included to help you make better,  or more informed decisions in the grocery store and your recipes. Win – win – win!

The Bottom Line Guilt_Free_Desserts_Review 2015

If you love desserts (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) you’ve gotta give this book a try. I personally have sampled several of the recipes and take it from me, they’re good! You could have a yummy chocolate mousse after lunch today and not feel bad about it! Or have a batch of sweet-smelling choc chip cookies baking in the oven for when the kids or hubby gets home. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you can grab the book here for a measly $19. Isn’t your health and the health of your family worth at least that? The book comes as a digital download so there’s no waiting either, the only thing you will have to wait for is that cake cooking in the oven!

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