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I go to the gym. I don’t particularly like it, but I do go. When I go, I like to really go hard. Yep, I like to smash myself. As in, beet-red face, drenched in sweat and feeling like I’m gonna die during the workout. BUT – these workouts have to be short. I may be a masochist but I’m not that much of a masochist! I like workouts to be 20 – 30 minutes max.  Just get in, get it done, and get out. So, when I saw Shaun T’s Focus T25 workouts, I was definitely interested, and after seeing some of the transformations on the website, I’m excited to try it out!

Can You Really Get Results in 25 Minutes?

Well, the short answer is, yes. You definitely can. The Focus T25 workouts claim to give you an hours’ worth of results in just 25 minutes – I’m not sure about that, but I wholeheartedly believe that short, intense workouts are more effective than long boring ones. It’s all to do with the hormonal response – without getting into it too much, if you exercise too long your cortisol levels get high, and excess cortisol leads to fat gain. So  it makes sense to exercise less rather than more, but it’s key to exercise correctly. The Focus T25 program also requires you to commit to exercise 5 days per week. It might seem like a lot, but let’s actually look at it – 25 minutes x 5 times a week = 125 minutes, total. Thats just over 2 hours exercise for the week. Not much to get some pretty impressive results, right? And, you can do them from home. So that’s total time – no added time for travel to and from the gym.

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Are the Workouts For Me?

Look, I’m not gonna lie. These are hard workouts. Can you do them? As long as you’re in reasonable shape and have no existing conditions, I’d say yes (*I’m not a doctor though, so check with yours if you’re unsure). You start with the foundation series, which will build your total body fitness for future sessions. All of these workouts come with modifications that are clearly shown on screen, so it’s easy to adapt these to your level. The workouts are intense, but they are effective. Each workout is a mix of high intensity cardio, strength training and core training. All you need to do the workouts is a little bit of space, and everything else comes with the program. This is a physical product – so you will actually receive in the mail 9 DVD’s, a quick start guide, a nutrition guide, a calendar to plan your workouts; plus three free gifts – a meal planner, a stretch DVD and a resistance band. That’s it. You truly won’t need anything else, except a little but of motivation!

The Bottom Line

This is a killer program! If you are willing to put in the work – and remember, that’s just 25 minutes 5 x per week – you are definitely going to see results.   If you don’t, for whatever reason, Focus T25 is backed by Beachbody’s 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. This program is developed by ‘super trainer’ Shaun T, and if you know anything at all about him, you know this is gonna work! But be honest with yourself. If you are the type who prefers a gentle workout, like a long slow walk on the treadmill, this probably isn’t for you. This is for all those people who have the motivation to do a hard, sweaty workout, but thought they lacked the time. Well, that excuse is over! Focus T25 is going to reward you for your efforts, in just 25 minutes a day, 5 times a week.  I’d love to hear about your results!

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