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Have you met your psoas muscle? Have you ever even heard of it? Neither had I. But I do have one muscle which I am well aware of – my hip flexors. The right one in particular. They are tight, painful and so so hard to stretch out to get relief. Turns out I am not alone. And the problem is so much worse than a bit of discomfort. Did you know that tight hip flexors can be the cause of joint pains in the legs, back and hips; pain while walking; bad posture; bad sleep; daily sluggishness; anxiety; digestive issues; low immunity; bad circulation, and low sex drive? I had no idea that so many things could be affected by the hip flexors. So how can we fix them? By following the method in the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program by Mike Westerdal.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors For Big Gains

A big problem and cause of hip flexor pain is sitting. Most people sit for far too many hours each day, wreaking havoc on our hips which in turn signals to our body to push our stomach out, inhibit fat loss and decrease sex drive. The hip flexor and the psoas, which is a muscle it is attached to, are found in very hard to reach places inside your body. For this reason, simple stretching often doesn’t really get to the problem area properly. You might think its not such a big problem, but read the possible problems tight hip flexors can cause again. And the thing is, that everyone suffers from tight hip flexors. Everyone. The only difference is to what degree it affects you. Even if you’re not sure if you have tight hip flexors, after following this simple program, you will definitely notice the difference – looser hips, greater strength and increased vitality.  Unlock Your Hip Flexors has been put together by Mike and leading Kinesiologist and Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj, MS. This guy knows his stuff, and you can be sure you will get the latest techniques to rid yourself of hip flexor pain once and for all.

What Are the Techniques?

The method to releasing your hip flexors is to follow a series of movements that loosen and ‘unpack’ each separate muscle and the surrounding tissues, in the correct order. Its called the ‘Sequential Flow Method’ and it takes just 15 minutes to really target those hard to reach muscles and release them. I like that the movements come as a series of videos, so that you can follow along easily and be sure that you are performing each move in the right way. The videos are accompanied by a manual which contains loads of information about the specific problems caused by tight hip flexors as well as as detailed specific strategies to overcome them. This is important stuff! Did you know that fixing this problem can have an effect on your overall wellbeing?! It could be just what the doctor ordered!

The Bottom Line unlock your hip flexors review

If you feel tightness in your hips, don’t ignore it! It is a problem in itself but also causes a range of other, worse problems. Addressing the primary issue now is super important to your health. Seriously, this is an easy routine that will have some amazing benefits. You’ll sleep better. Your posture will improve. You can lose more weight. You can lift more at the gym. You can have more energy and just generally feel better! Who would’t want that?  The best part about it is, this program costs $9 right now. That is such a steal,  it would be a shame not to buy it 😉 You can try it out too, and if you think it’s not for you, you’ll have 60 days to return it. You have nothing to lose except your hip flexor pain!

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