Reebok Step – My Most Used Fitness Tool

Gyms can be great, but let’s face it, they’re expensive, often a pain to get to, and they can be packed with people using just the equipment that you want to be using.

I do actually attend the gym, but sometimes I want to be bale to do workouts at home too. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a fancy setup  – just a few items is all you need to get a killer workout. One thing though that I think is a must is an adjustable Reebok Step. I love mine, and use it for loads of different things.

Reebok Professional Aerobic StepSo, let’s get to what’s good about it. Well, it’s fairly compact, and unlike other versions of the Reebok Step, this one is an all in one unit. It is still adjustable, but the ‘legs’ jut configure in different ways so that you can store it all together as one piece.

It’s kind of Tetris looking, and you just connect it depending on which height you want. It can be 6 inch, 8 inch or 10 inches. It’s really sturdy – it can take up to 350 pounds, and the surface is wide enough for your whole foot and also has a nonslip surface.

What can I do with It?

I suppose a lot of people get these together with the Step workout DVD’s, but I just use it in circuit training. It’s surprisingly versatile. Here is a little list of some of my fave moves for it:

  1. Hop Overs – for this move you put your hand either side of the step and up towards one end. Crouch down, and with your legs on one side, you then push off of your hands and jump your feet over to the other side. Just touch and then go back over. Repeat. This one will get your heart pumping!
  2. Bulgarian Split Squat – This is basically a lunge but with your back foot elevated. So, back foot goes on the step and front foot on the ground. Do a lunge. Repeat. This will definitely burn!
  3. Step Ups – Just what they sound like 🙂 both feet start on the ground, standing in front of the step. Step up onto it with your left foot and lift your right knee high up and then return that foot on the ground, followed by the left foot. Repeat starting with your right foot.  You can make this one harder by holding onto weights or a kettlebell while you do it.
  4. Use it as a bench for arm exercises with weights – put it on the highest setting and lie on it, on your back with your feet on the floor, to perform chest, triceps, and shoulder exercises, with either a barbell or dumbells.
  5. Lateral step overs/ Shuffles – starting on one side of the step, you are going to step up onto the step and then over, and then back the other way. You want to do this one fast, so that the move become a shuffle up and over the step, side to side. Enjoy! 🙂

Reebok Professional Aerobic StepAs you can see, they are pretty impressive for a home workout.

A Reebok Step, one pair of challenging dumbbells or one kettlebell, and maybe a skipping rope if you like to torture yourself, and you are all set.

That is seriously all you need to get a killer circuit setup at home. And the best part – you can shove it all under your bed when you’re done 🙂

I bought mine from a friend real cheap but I recently found them on Amazon too, so check current price there.

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