Diet Free Weekend Review – Cheat Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Still Lose Weight

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Everyone loves a good cheat day, right? I certainly do. I also firmly believe that they help improve weight loss results. You can read my post all about traditional cheat days here. Up until now though, the general consensus is that you can get away with ONE cheat day once per week, but that you must be strict with your diet for the rest of the time. Not so, says a new study by the Cornell University. If you do it right, you can actually eat delicious ‘cheat’ foods on Friday, Saturday and  Sunday and still lose weight! This is the subject of a new weight loss program by Mike Whitfield, the Diet Free Weekends Solution.

What’s it all about?

The idea here is all about using ‘diet intervals’ to accelerate fat loss by forcing your hormones to be primed to burn more fat. This is achieved through strategic overfeeding, which allows you to indulge all weekend. You then reduce calories Monday through Thursday, and follow some fairly simple guidelines, and that’s it. There are no calories to count or strange to foods to buy either. Research has found that diets are not so different – that is, the weight loss that can be had from one diet will be quite similar to that from a different diet. Where we see large differences in fat loss is in how long people can stick with a plan over time – this is what matters. Its easy to see that a plan like this one will be way easier to stick to than a more extreme, deprivation style diet would be.

But does this really work?

The beauty of this plan is that this style of eating will put your hormones first. Hormones are THE most important factor in your weight loss. You can train your heart out and diet all you want, but if your hormones are working against you instead of for you, results will be hard to come by. I cant stress this point enough. In a study from the Journal of Obesity, those that focused on hormonal balance lost more weight compared to those that used calorie-counting. As in 65% more weight! The principles found in the Diet Free Weekends program will recharge your body and spike your fat burning hormones. One catch though – you must cheat in order to stoke your metabolism and boost fat loss 🙂

The Bottom Line   Fitness hamburger

This is a revolutionary program that I really believe most people can not only stick to, but also enjoy. You will get everything you need to begin this lifestyle immediately, and start enjoying your foods and weekends again, all without sacrificing your weight loss goals.  The program comes with a Nutrition Manual that lays out the exact day to day plan to follow; a Quick Start Guide so you can get started right away; a Success and Tracking Journal that will definitely help keep you on track; as well as  2 bonus manuals. That’s a lot of useful info right there! Its only $19 and comes with a money back guarantee. I really cant recommend this product enough. Let me just lay it out for you again. Three. Days. Of. Cheating.

Enjoy 🙂

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