Belly Fat Furnace Review

Belly Fat Furnace Review

I’m sure you know lots of people who try to lose weight and want to do so in the fastest way possible. But what most of these people don’t realise is that losing weight is not as complicated as it may seem. It’s hard, yes, but not complicated. All it takes is sensible eating and regular exercise. Where a lot of people trip up is that they don’t know exactly what they should be eating or what type of exercise to do to most effectively lose fat. With the help of Belly Fat Furnace, you can have a clear plan to follow that will work for you to lose weight, as well as providing other health benefits. One thing to note though, Belly Fat Furnace is aimed at men. There is a female version, Belly Melt, which I reviewed here.

There’s More to It than Meets the Eye

There is a little know organ that is largely responsible for our stubborn belly fat, and affects our all over body fat too. Its called the omentum, and it is thin double layer of fatty tissue that covers and supports the intestines and organs in the lower abdominal area. The omentum is made up of the greater omentum which is an important storage for fat deposits and the lesser omentum which connects the stomach and intestines to the liver. This video from Dr Oz (featuring Oprah!) will give you a quick overview of how important the omentum is when it comes to stomach fat:

Belly Fat Furnace actually addresses this problem, which is key to successfully losing stomach fat and reducing fat all over your body. Basically speaking, when the omentum is clogged, that leads to a fatty liver, which in turn affects your hormones, which in turn affect everything! So until you take care of these things first, you are fighting a losing battle.

So What Will I Learn From Belly Fat Furnace?

One of the best things about Belly Fat Furnace is that it focuses on what’s important. There are so many weight loss guides and programs out there, that it can be hard to  know which to choose. Belly Fat Furnace however has a lot to offer. There is no counting calories or taking expensive supplements; instead this program takes a  back-to-basics approach, meaning that you’ll be shown exactly what to eat, and when to eat it, and these foods will be everyday foods you can get at the grocery store.

Belly Fat Furnace will also teach you how to work out to best support your belly fat burning goals – and it isn’t by forcing you to so endless sit ups and crunches. In fact, you are advised against these types of exercises. You are also advised against doing long boring cardio sessions.  You will be shown specific exercises that target the omentum – something I’m sure you’ve never been shown before!

What’s Different about Belly Fat Furnace?

Apart from educating you about the essentials, you will come across valuable information which should enhance your weight loss program. The program covers all factors which are directly or indirectly related to fat gain. You will learn how to sustain adequate levels of testosterone and understand the importance of hormones and metabolism and their impacts on your body. The Belly Fat Furnace program actually explains the physiology of the diet, in a simple way so that you can understand why certain things are important.

This program will make your body effortlessly let go of excess fat storage. You will find out why your body is storing fat the way it is, and from there you can identify your specific hormonal imbalances. With this information, you can tailor the program to your individual situation.

The Bottom Line BellyFatFurnace

Belly Fat Furnace can show you how to drop 10% of your body fat in just 30 days, and you wont need to sacrifice your entire lifestyle to do it. That on its own is worth the $37 price tag, but if you’re not convinced, you will also learn how to cleanse your liver so your fat burning hormones work properly again – meaning that once you get your flat sexy stomach, you won’t have to work so hard to keep it! Sounds like my kind of program 😉 If you want to know more, click the link below to go the the official Belly Fat Furnace website.

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