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Can You Really Lose Weight in 14 Days? Losing weight is never an easy task. A

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The Cruise Control Diet There are so many diet programs currently on the market, it’s not

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Everyone loves a good cheat day, right? I certainly do. I also firmly believe that they

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Old School New Body is a great program for really getting your body into shape at

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So, here is one for the ladies only (sorry, guys!). Ladies, do you sometimes find it

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Losing weight can be an incredibly difficult journey. A lot of people fail at it simply

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Dark Fat Versus White Fat Everyone probably thinks all body fat is bad fat, especially that

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In the fight against fat, the truth is that food is more important than exercise. Its

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Isn’t it annoying how even when we are losing weight, there are certain spots on your

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Choosing the right health and fitness program is a matter of individual preference. For many people,